What Do I Need to Become an
Iron Mountain Roller Girl?


You will need to have all of your own gear. Safety equipment is incredibly important, and you must have all of your gear to participate in practice. We do have gear that we can lend you temporarily (for your first couple of practices), and you are always welcome to come and check us out prior to buying your equipment, but in order to join the league and participate in practice fully you will have to buy all of your own gear. We suggest that you do a little research on what gear to buy. Ask us questions, check out places and discussions on the internet, try sites like http://www.rollerderbygirls.org. Please do not hesitate to ask us questions about the required equipment. You will need the following:

  • Knee Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Wrist Guards
  • Mouth Guard
  • Helmet
  • Quad Derby Skates (you cannot use inline skates)

Basic Requirements

In addition to your gear, there are some other basic requirements to join the IMRG league.

  • You must be 18 years old or over.
  • You must obtain derby insurance through USARS ($45 a yr, we will provide all paperwork and information)
  • You must be able to spare the time. Members are required to attend a very minimum of 6 out of the 8 practices a month. There are also periodic events, fundraisers and organizational meetings that will require your participation. We do our very best to work with everyone's schedule, but we do need you to make a time commitment to us.
  • You must pay dues. While derby is a lot of fun, it also requires a lot of equipment, practice space, and more, which unfortunately requires money. As of right now IMRG requires our skaters to contribute $40 a month in dues at the first of every month. Greenhorns coming to the team are allotted 2 free practices before having to make a commitment and pay dues.
  • You must have heart and a positive attitude. IMRG takes skaters of all skill levels. We do not require that you already know how to skate or do drills, because we can teach you these things. What we do require is that you come willing to learn. A positive attitude, a willingness to learn new things, and hard work is exactly what this sport needs. If you have the heart we will teach you the skills.

IMRG is happy to take new members all the time. Derby is a commitment, almost like taking on a part-time job, but that commitment is well worth what you receive in return. This is not just a hobby but a change in your life that you will fall in love with, so why not fall in love with us?

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